Training With Dojunim Ji Han Jae (Founder of Hapkido) a Living Korean National Treasure
Those who are, or consider themselves, to be SinMoo have spent their years crafting their skills. They have dedicated a great portion of their lives to understanding, then representing, the way of Hapkido that has been entrusted to them by our founder, Dojunim, Ji Han Jae.

In the twilight years of our founder’s life, it becomes our responsibility to relearn, retrain and reestablish the difference in those whose days have seen them rest on the past.

A whole new assembly of instructors have now returned to the founder. They have seen the difference between those who have gone astray from the origins of Hapkido. They have known what it means to learn from someone who has learned in the 4th or 5th generation of instructors (without remembrance of the true system known as Hapkido).

SinMoo is NOT a hybrid of Taekwondo, Tae Kyun, Moo Sul, Hoshinsul, or other systems coming into light in the belief that there is something stronger than the original, than the teachings of the founder, Dojunim Ji Han Jae. Fortunately, that real and substantial difference is not lost. It is here. It is today.

Your rank certificate can be from those who have little or no ties to Hapkido’s foundation. Or, you can come to the focal point of ALL Hapkido. Tried and proven techniques, sharpened, elevated, retrained and reaffirmed to a point where adherence provides that no serious practitioner could be overcome.

The World SinMoo Sung Hwa Do Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona USA is the place where Dojunim Ji Han Jae continues to train. To teach. To refine. To pass on the knowledge that protects government officials, titans of industries, military, police and emergency services from many nations… and YOU.

YOU are the future of SinMoo Hapkido.

You now have a choice. Become certified/re-certified in your skill-set by Dojunip Ji Han Jae, the founder of Hapkido. The Chairman of ALL SinMoo Affiliates. Chairman of the Korea Hapkido Federation. Founder and Chairman of KI DO. You have the opportunity to become directly honored, certified and ranked under Hapkido’s founder, the greatest man to ever present himself in service to your thirst of knowledge in the martial arts.

Never settle for second best. Never settle for being afraid to train with our founder. Never feel that your skills have slipped away with age, physical limitation, or time that you have missed in rank specific training. You shall know the power and strength of achievement. You will stand as a testament to more than 80 years of preparation, training and skillful execution of technique.

Join now. Set your training schedule at the World Headquarters for the coming year. Pay ahead to commit to that training so your pledge is made sure.
Support your training and future legacy by receiving your reward for service by a legend, a living Korean National Treasure: Dojunim Ji Han Jae (founder of Hapkido).