• Support Seowon University. Become a Sustaining Member. Seowon University graduates, and those ranking Black Belt members of charter schools under the associations of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Gumdo directed by Grand Master Kirk Koskella are recognized members of the Seowon University Alumni Association, qualifying them to receive alumni benefits, discounts and special offers. In the spirit of giving back, we ask that you pay it forward by becoming a sustaining member of the SUAA.
  • Support Seowon University. Become a Booster Club Member. The purpose of the Seowon University Booster Club is to provide the moral, volunteer and financial support necessary to assure our programs’ eminence for years to come. You do not have to have trained in the martial arts to be a supported through Booster Activities.
  • Seowon University Initial Enrollment Registration Fee. This is an Annual Fee (however it is waived if you are enrolled in one of the University Courses)
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