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Black Belt Course

The Soo Ryun (Apprentice Level) Black Belt Practitioner learns to demonstrate “full body control” whether shifting from stance to stance, or simply entering a room. The Seowon System’s Technical Chart will be used to identify each move and it's application. This becomes vital as Sparring Combination Sets resemble motion picture choreography and bring to life the application of foundational techniques already possessed by the Black Belt Practitioner.


Instructor Course

The Woel D’ng (Proficiency Level) Instructor Practitioner training is in further refinement of demonstration capabilities. This returns to One Step Sparring, Three Step Sparring and application of these techniques in 2 and 3 person Sparring Combinations Sets. The addition of traditional weapons is introduced on a comprehensive scale in both offensive and defensive scenarios. We then return to applications for Forms presentation.


Immersion Program

Seowon University offers a two-year program open only to Black Belt Students referred by Universities in Korea, or by associates Affiliate Schools that have submitted the student for consideration 90 days prior to the commencement of any term. The student is reintroduced and retaught Basic through Expert stages of integrated Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Gumbeop – Ki Bon Mu Gi training. This training is taught in the Korean and English language, resulting in the student being able to speak, read and write Korean (or English) at the end of the one-year term. ESL courses will be held on premises.


Master Course

Woo Woel Level Master Practitioners enjoy several dynamic divisions of choice in curriculum that is defined specifically for Combat application. This level of cross training in Taekwondo, Hapkido and Gumbeop is specifically related to instruction of police, military and related service branches.


Grand Master Course

The Grand Master Jol Up (Graduate) Level Practitioner is provided the rank support necessary for industry recognition at the highest level. Curriculum includes introduction to source outlets for government recognition (as applicable or desired), receiving certificates, school and personal seals, including master and instructor level practitioners.


Combat Tactical Assault (CTA) for Law Enforcement Officers and Military Personnel

This training program is open to all members of LEO, Military and Security Services. The course materials represented are a portion of those integral courses which must be incorporated into an overall skill-set, assuring the safety and security of your team, community and family. Advanced HRT and SWAT Materials are also incorporated into the overall curriculum.