20 07, 2018

SinMoo Hapkido’s Highest Level


SinMoo Sung Hwa Do is a place. A place out of time. A place for your mind to contemplate and meditate within the confines of Hapkido technical expertise. It’s meaning is that of “Holistic Harmony”. Holistic meaning; well-rounded, all inclusive, or complete. Harmony meaning; synchronization, accord, or agreement. Within these two representative worlds, we focus [...]

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20 06, 2018

The Future of Taekwondo


There is a change coming in the world of Taekwondo. That change comes by a return to the beginning of modern-day Taekwondo. A change led by the very first Kwan. Despite those who would choose to debate, March 20, 1944 became the first official government recognition of Song Moo Kwan, and the foundation of Taekwondo, [...]

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