Kirk Koskella, Dean

Grand Master Kirk I Koskella Profile
Sung Hwa Do Hapkido

Chief Grand Master of Taekwondo, Hapkido & Gumbeop

Grand Master Kirk Koskella’s legacy is that of a fighter in International Taekwondo Kyorugi (Free Sparring) Championship competition (8 Gold Medals 71 Wins – 0 Losses – 65 KO), who transitioned successfully into training both Gold and Silver Olympic Taekwondo Medalists. Grand Master Koskella has also garnered acclaim in the instruction of local, state and federal law enforcement (also training elite military forces prior to, and returning from, deployment).

Grand Master Koskella served as President of the World Song Moo Kwan Association organizing administration and expansion of foreign and domestic charters. Grand Master Koskella served without ceremony as President, then Executive Vice President, of Bong Soo Han’s International Hapkido Federation. He has provided leadership in the growth and development of the Korean Traditional Gumdo Academy, until taking the lead as Grand Master in its transformation to the most comprehensive of Korean Sword application ever amassed: The World Institute of Yu-Shin Gumbeop (Sain-Geom), now a feature discipline of study at Seowon University.

Today, Grand Master Kirk Koskella serves as Dean of the non-profit Seowon University; the Chairman of the Dae Han SinMoo Hapkido Association under (Founder) Doju-nim Ji Han Jae; and, President of the SinMoo Sung Hwa Do Headquarters Dojang for all Hapkido system practice.

Grand Master Koskella is active in local instruction of Seowon Tigers Academy of Martial Arts, teaching the martial arts of Song Moo Kwan Taekwondo, SinMoo Hapkido and Yu-Shin Gumbeop from beginner to mastery levels. Incorporated within this structure, Grand Master Koskella provides training scholarships to low income single parent households who would otherwise not be able to afford martial arts instruction; and, provides free monthly women’s self defense classes to assist in community safety.

GM Koskella’s CV

Ji Han Jae, Doju –  Founder of Hapkido

Dojunim Profile Picture
Dojunim Throwing Rafe Smith

Permanent Resident Instructor

Primary Instruction: Hapkido (all systems)

Perhaps known by the layman for his starring role opposite Bruce Lee in the “Game of Death”, Doju Ji has dedicated his life to the martial art of Hapkido. At 84 years of age he demonstrates the grace, agility, and formidable martial arts technique of men half his age.

Doju Ji has returned to his roots, and developed supplementary scientific application, of the “highest form” of Hapkido training ever practiced. This system of study is known as Dae Han SinMoo Hapkido. Doju Ji has exclusively joined with Grand Master Kirk Koskella, at the SinMoo Sung Hwa Do Headquarters Dojang in Tucson, Arizona to raise the bar in the practice of today’s Hapkido worldwide.

SinMoo Sung Hwa Do literally means; “Holistic Harmony” and provides the means of bringing all Hapkido practice under a singular banner, with formal Korean Government recognition of Hapkido. Seowon University is now the permanent home of Doju-nim Ji Han Jae and the future of Hapkido.

Troy Royster, Dojang Captain

Master Royster Profile
Master Royster Demo

Senior International Master Instructor of Shuri-ryu, Taekwondo, Hapkido & Gumbeop

Primary Instruction: Song Moo Kwan Taekwondo

Originally schooled in the Japanese martial art of Shuri-ryu Karate, Master Royster had developed an expert base for enlightenment in the ways of Song Moo Kwan Taekwondo. His attention to detail makes him a formidable opponent for any serious martial arts practitioner; being further advanced by his instruction of US Air Force Para Rescue teams deployed throughout the globe.

Master Rouster’s skill-set required an intense study of SinMoo Sung Hwa Do Hapkido ‘higher form’ of tactics taught by Grand Master Kirk Koskella. This higher level of Hapkido has been directly administered under supervision of Doju-nim Ji Han Jae (Hapkido’s Founder). Master Royster’s method of learning in the Korean Sword at the World Institute of Yu-Shin Gumbeop is personalized to a manner which may be easily adapted to cross-training in all three Korean systems with the adroit implementation of his Japanese combat base.

Julia Jamae,  Sister of Seowon

Master Jamae Profile
Master Jamae and Rafe Sparring

International Master Instructor of Taekwondo, Hapkido & Gumbeop

Primary Instruction: World Institute of Yu-Shin Gumbeop (Sain-Geom)

Preferring to remain without formal Dan ranking, Master Jamae is exemplary with the Korean Sword. Her skills are augmented with application of SinMoo Sung Hwa Do Hapkido taught under Grand Master Kirk Koskella and further polished under Hapkido’s Founder Doju-nim Ji Han Jae. This Skill-set includes Higher level proficiency in Song Moo Kwan Taekwondo not normally attainable to most Song Moo practitioners.

Master Jamae’s notable title of Sister of Seowon is indicative of dedication to the principles and standards set for immersion training with Seowon University.