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Seowon University Grand Master Course Overview

Grand Masters Course CurriculumSeowon University provides training support and refinement from the world’s premiere organizations of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Gumdo. The Grand Master Jol Up (Graduate) Level Practitioner  is provided the rank support necessary for industry recognition at the highest level. Curriculum includes introduction to source outlets for government recognition (as applicable or desired), receiving certificates, school and personal seals, including master and instructor level practitioners. There is also an advanced support system for marketing that addresses local and community concerns for your specified locale.

Training also becomes a sharing of techniques and philosophy with the highest ranked grand masters of their respective art forms. The founders of the arts, and their direct successors instruct the grand masters in the original intent and application of martial arts disciplines. Your continued education can be refuted by no one due to the origins of certification and formal registration thereunder.

Training at this level is provided in small groups of grandmasters ranked at 7th, 8th and/or 9th Dan Black Belt. Working with your rank group learning techniques reserved for that specified rank ONLY.


Identical for Taekwondo/Hapkido/Gumdo

While the physical component to performance remains, this course deals primarily with the application of technique in each system of study. The incorporation of “founder” teaching in the curriculum is paramount to the further development of the martial arts worldwide.

The following therefore denotes a minor view of the applied curriculum, while the Grand Master works to engage the industry on scientific application in its relation to historical text, and the further development of the specific disciplines in which the participant/student is engaged.

Note: This program may take from 2 to 3 years for completion, dependent on student/participant, grandmaster’s personally developed scheduling.

Seowon University mandates training exclusively devoted to specified ranks (e.g., 7th Dan, 8th Dan, 9th Dan; and, in some cases 10th Dan Founder/Grandmasters) instructing in their specified disciplines advancement. Seowon University maintains sufficient staff and Guest Lecturers to accomplish this task.

These segregated course studies address actual physical refinement of their respected martial arts discipline. The Advanced nature of application is not shared with those of undergraduate programs.

Your Doctoral Thesis Topic is selected during the first 6 months of commencement of training.

Development of the Martial Arts

  • Origins
    – Chinese
    – Korean
    – Japanese
  • Application
    – Art
    – Self Defense
    – Military
    – Tradition
  • Historical Change
    – Organizational Change
    – Government Sponsorship
    – Entry of Sport Application
    – The Individual Kwan
    – Future Trends

Future Development of the Martial Arts

  • Development of an Initial Flagship School
  • Development of a Federation or Association
  • Structural Legal Requirements
  • Application of Licensing Procedures
  • Institution of Rules and Regulations
  • Establishing Guidelines for Officer Appointments

Fealty to the Founder, Grand Master and Organization

  • Officers
  • Master Organization
  • Employees
  • Instructors
  • Black Belt Members
  • Individual Non-Black Belt Members
  • Booster Organization

Finance and Revenue

  • Where to find Funds
  • How to manage Funds
  • Application of Accounting Principles
  • Capital Outlay
  • Legacy Funds
  • Not getting ahead of yourself

Doctoral Thesis

  • Grand Master’s Choice


  • Graduate Demonstration
  • Association Demonstration (2)
  • Public Demonstration (3)

Personal Training Retreat

  • One Private (5 day)
  • Three Group (Multi Rank – 5 day)
  • Three Group (Rank Specific – 3 to 5)
  • One Private (21 day)
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