August 15, 2018, the latest installment of Seowon University’s new expanded Sain-Geum – Yu-Shin Gumbeop curriculum will make its debut. An advanced sword training curriculum has been completed, in which Master Jamae has provided an experienced, thoughtful, approach to sacred geometry in application to the soul of the sword and its relationship to the practitioner. Until now, little has been published surrounding the application of the sword with respect to the phrase “stepping between raindrops”. With the assistance of Grand Master Kirk Koskella, this new curriculum will help refine the demonstration aspects of training, while remaining true to its combat application.

This has also been applied to the differences in the blades themselves: the original Gum (Geum) which is a twin sided blade; and, the introduction of the more common “do” which lends its design from the Japanese Katana. While the Korean blade is wider and has a slightly different feel, Sin-Geum training mandates the ability to work with the twin sided blade for overall historical application. Key aspects of this training have come from Doju-nim Ji Han Jae in relation to a peculiar set of techniques applied to Gumbeop traditional training.

Accordingly, these past few months we have focused on technical application, and perfecting movement through each turn of the blade. The cut, being applied in a fashion where imperfection is avoided, and meditation prior to performance is maximized. The resulting consistency in application has been tremendously successful. This has resulted in the curriculum spoken of.

As fall approaches, the ability to practice combat with and without safety gear is achieved by this heightened awareness, and control, of the blade. This is because staff have focused on flow and movement, which, when combined with this technical focus has permitted students to advance exponentially.

We look forward to feedback from our affiliated instructors and students the world over and hope to set up our next series of instructor training sessions here in Tucson, Arizona, in concert with this new addition to the World Institute of Yu-Shin Gumbeop (Sain-Geom) advanced curriculum.