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Part 3 of a video series – “Dojunim’s Notebook” in which Dojunim continues to explain the concept of Gi-o-beop.

Transcription of the Video

Dojunim writes the Chinese character for Gi-o-beop in my notebook.
Gi-o-Beop – Beop is law.
Stop the bad things. Gi-o-beop, martial arts guy must know he using the Gi-o-beop. Horse kicking the back kicking, why you go the horse back side – no.
Smoke cigarette, touching instep, what can you do? Leave it alone, your burning. Then take it out.
Someone hitting, you blocking and attacking. No action, why you hitting.

These martial arts meaning. Dangerous then defense and you first know bad things don’t dangerous part, don’t go.

You know what I’m saying? This kind of a Gi-o-beop – listen to the Gi-o-beop pay attention. So this Gi-o-beop is real martial arts guy must need Gi-o-beop.