Three World Hapkido Leaders meet in Tucson, Arizona (10th November 2018)

Three weeks ago, special senior students of SinMoo Hapkido came to Tucson, Arizona for a private celebration of Dojunim's birthday. There were many discussions of the direction in which SinMoo should go. A week later, those honoring Dojunim's attendance request for Conference meetings to formally establish association guidelines in fidelity to SinMoo's origins; and, professional [...]

Three World Hapkido Leaders meet in Tucson, Arizona (10th November 2018)2018-11-11T13:56:49-07:00

Song Moo News

It is time to write about the greatest new leader of our day. A man who has taken the mantle of control from Song Moo Kwan’s founder, Byung Jick Ro, bringing to the forefront, the greatest held secret in all of Taekwondo. It is this: Many of today’s Kwans were left without a master [...]

Song Moo News2018-08-06T09:56:26-07:00

Sain-Geom News

August 15, 2018, the latest installment of Seowon University’s new expanded Sain-Geum – Yu-Shin Gumbeop curriculum will make its debut. An advanced sword training curriculum has been completed, in which Master Jamae has provided an experienced, thoughtful, approach to sacred geometry in application to the soul of the sword and its relationship to the practitioner. [...]

Sain-Geom News2018-08-06T12:35:48-07:00

SinMoo Sung Hwa Do News

Hapkido - A Work in Progress I am pleased to finally share information about Doju-nim Ji Han Jae and my trip to Korea the week of June 23, 2018. We started off with a seminar and meetings with the Korea National Police Agency, at the Police Martial Arts Conference. The ability to interact with [...]

SinMoo Sung Hwa Do News2018-08-06T09:29:46-07:00

Yu-Shin Gumbeop: the Difference

Reawakening or seeing yourself incarnate as the avatar of an ancient warrior may not be an easy undertaking. In the realm of fantasy, we generate these lives in online games or day-dreams… but maybe only in half-hearted reality. Escape to a more traditional time of honor, respect and ritual, permits a resurgence of candor in [...]

Yu-Shin Gumbeop: the Difference2018-08-20T19:43:07-07:00

SinMoo Hapkido’s Highest Level

SinMoo Sung Hwa Do is a place. A place out of time. A place for your mind to contemplate and meditate within the confines of Hapkido technical expertise. It’s meaning is that of “Holistic Harmony”. Holistic meaning; well-rounded, all inclusive, or complete. Harmony meaning; synchronization, accord, or agreement. Within these two representative worlds, we focus [...]

SinMoo Hapkido’s Highest Level2018-08-20T19:31:34-07:00

The Future of Taekwondo

There is a change coming in the world of Taekwondo. That change comes by a return to the beginning of modern-day Taekwondo. A change led by the very first Kwan. Despite those who would choose to debate, March 20, 1944 became the first official government recognition of Song Moo Kwan, and the foundation of Taekwondo, [...]

The Future of Taekwondo2018-08-20T19:33:01-07:00
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