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Seowon University Alumni Association

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Seowon University graduates, and those ranking Black Belt members of charter schools under the associations of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Gumdo directed by Grand Master Kirk Koskella are recognized members of the Seowon University Alumni Association, qualifying them to receive alumni benefits, discounts and special offers. In the spirit of giving back, we ask that you pay it forward by becoming a sustaining member of the SUAA.

Your tax-deductible membership impacts the lives of current student lives through scholarship and leadership programs while building a network of martial arts industry connections worldwide. Sustaining membership includes receiving a benefits package inclusive of decals, travel or gear bags, and Seowon University News Magazine published quarterly.

We thank you for your ongoing commitment to martial arts excellence in support of Seowon University in Tucson, Arizona.

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Seowon University Boosters

The purpose of the Seowon University Booster Club is to provide the moral, volunteer and financial support necessary to assure our programs’ eminence for years to come. You do not have to have trained in the martial arts to be a supported through Booster Activities.

This will be achieved through the coordination of various ongoing communications and cultivation activities for past, prospective and current program participants and their parents, through our annual volunteer and financial support of youth program activities, and through the conduct of an annual membership, advertising and ongoing or occasional special gifts campaigns to secure the maximum financial support from individuals, organizations and business that have, could or currently do benefit from the professional martial arts training and certification at Seowon Tigers Martial Arts (Seowon University).

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Seowon Tigers Special Scholarship Enrollment

Grand Master Koskella’s Seowon Tigers Scholarship Fund provides tuition and supplies necessary for martial arts training to single parent households, with “at risk” youth, and/or households of fallen soldiers, police officers, fire and medical personnel. Scholarships are also available for single parents, who would not otherwise have an opportunity to train because of financial disability.

Up to three (3) members of each household may train (subject to established needs) with all fees paid on behalf of the recipient – tuition, uniform, safety gear and traditional weaponry.

Seowon Tigers training programs maximize study habits by developing skills to help students achieve immediate educational and long-term occupational goals through traditional tutoring, traditional martial arts training, personalized coaching and instruction.

Seowon Tigers uses personal coaches to listen to student needs, jointly developing a framework that focuses on the student’s personal choices. A system of checks and balances is then incorporated for the student to measure the likely success of this plan.

As the student completes goal oriented projects that relate both to educational academics and martial arts training, the course of the plan is redirected to a successful path of completion using the student’s own newly developed positive reasoning skills.

The student must provide their report cards and demonstrate improvement prior to instruction on the mat. Seowon Tigers provides a designated area for homework completion with peer and adult tutoring assistance.

Seowon Tigers Scholarship Program

Some of These School Include:

Proficiency Tae Kwon Do

Proficiency Martial Arts

Pine Tree Tae Kwon Do

American Championship Martial Arts

Master Wohlwend’s Martial Arts

Master K’s Taekwondo (Martial Arts)

World Song Moo Kwan Association

American Song Moo Kwan Association

Ki Center Martial Arts

Song Do Song Moo Kwan Martial Arts

Bong Soo Han’s International Hapkido Federation


D’ong-iri Hapkido Institute

Universal Hapkido Institute

Lotus Blossom Martial Arts

LA Valley College Proficiency Song Moo Kwan TKD

Korean Traditional Kumdo Academy

Sain-Geum: World Institute of Yu-Shin Geumbeop

World Haidong Gumdo Federation

Fighting Tigers Martial Arts Academy

Ray Smith’s Martial Arts Academy (IOM)

Samrang Taekwondo

Seowon Fighting Tigers Academy

Seowon Tigers Academy

Seowon Masters Academy

Universal Taekwondo Institute

Zubairi’s Martial Arts Centre (Taekwondo & Hapkido)